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Let’s turn challenges into triumphs and complexities into clarity, because at DoctorMGT, Success isn’t just a Goal; it’s our Way of Life.

Doctors #1 Choice for Perfect Practice Management Solution

DoctorMGT is a trusted partner of doctors in California and across the USA! Our experts drive excellence in precision and competence towards providing top-notch solutions to streamline clinical operations and speed up revenue flow.

As a professional medical billing virtuoso, we are known for delivering all-round services that go beyond practice management and even include data transcription. We don’t simply crunch numbers; we conduct audits that bring out concealed possibilities and highlight probable risks.

Our mission is to empower physicians by unveiling their system shortcomings and offering solutions specifically designed for optimal performance.

Let’s turn challenges into triumphs and complexities into clarity, because at DoctorMGT, Success isn’t just a Goal; it’s our Way of Life.

What Sets Us Apart

Encompassing the 15 years of progressive experience, our California-based company delivers medical billing and coding services to physicians and healthcare facilities all over the USA. Our assistance in increasing revenue, negotiating better insurance rates, and reducing costly overhead has benefited over 300 physicians.

We provide customized pricing solutions that are designed to satisfy each doctor’s unique needs. Because we know every doctor is a Star.

Here are some factors explaining why physicians choose us above our competitors.

  • Boosted revenue by 30%
  • Complete RCM services under one roof
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Maintains claims aging below 90 days
  • Maximum Reimbursement
  • Certified Coders
  • Live Support
  • Strong Auditing
  • 100% Compliance Assurance

Our Expertise

Affordable Pricing
Expert in EHR/PM Systems
No long-term contracts

Are You All Set to Boost Your Collections?

Start Using Our Medical Billing Services Now

Start Using Our Medical Billing Services Now

About Our Team

At Doctor Management Service (DoctorMGT), our team of expert medical billing and coding professionals stands out for their outstanding service delivery. Our experts are always abreast of new, innovative methods that are compliant with the latest regulations.

We emphasize accessibility, transparency, and strong relationships with our customers, which enable us to promptly handle clients’ complaints. One-on-one attention is definite because we have a highly skilled and diligent team that is ready to pay meticulous attention to details to make sure that billing services are provided timely and correctly.

1. Experience

More than 15 years of tremendous work in the healthcare industry enabled us to establish strong ties with doctors, insurance companies, attorneys, and other industry stakeholders. Unlike other medical billing companies, we emphasize constant quality delivery.

2. Certified Coders

We have a team of AAPC-certified coders and billers to ensure accurate coding and timely payments to our practitioners without any worry. Our highly skilled coders have extensive experience obtaining optimum reimbursement for our clients.

3. Workers Compensation Champs

We have a team of workers compensation specialists who are familiar with the complicated aspects of workers compensation billing and collection services. We are committed to promising you maximum revenues while you focus on your practice.

4. Personal Injury Professionals

Our professional experts are ready to help you with your personal injury billing and claim collections. They had a thorough understanding of the healthcare system and excelled in negotiating medical expenses after settlement.

5. Compliance Experts

Accurate and successful billing is a result of our team’s continuous pursuit of the latest legislation, compliance standards, and changes in the medical billing business. We tailor our services according to the client’s unique demands and make modifications as required.

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