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Encompassing 15 years of progressive experience, our California-based company delivers medical billing and coding services to physicians and healthcare facilities all over the USA. Our assistance in increasing revenue, negotiating better insurance rates, and reducing costly overhead has benefited over 300 physicians.

We provide customized pricing solutions that are designed to satisfy each doctor’s unique needs. Because We Know Every Doctor Is A Star.

DoctorMGT is a trusted partner of doctors in California and across the USA! Our experts drive excellence in precision and competence toward providing top-notch solutions to streamline clinical operations and speed up revenue flow. As a professional medical billing virtuoso, we are known for delivering all-round services that go beyond practice management and even include data transcription. We don’t simply crunch numbers; we conduct audits that bring out concealed possibilities and highlight probable risks. Our mission is to empower physicians by unveiling their system shortcomings and offering solutions specifically designed for optimal performance.

Let’s Turn Challenges into Triumphs and Complexities into Clarity, Because at DoctorMGT, Success Isn’t Just A Goal; It’s Our Way Of Life.

A team in a modern office setting gathered around a table with laptops and documents. One person is standing while the others are seated, all focused on the laptops as they discuss work. The background features plants and large windows, creating a vibrant atmosphere as they manage Doctor MGT tasks.

Our values


Our certified medical billing specialists and technical analysts are highly skilled and adept in all areas of medical billing and coding. DoctorMGT provides comprehensive, continuous training so our team is always up to date on current regulations and technologies.


Whether it’s our team or our dedicated range of services, we believe diversity allows us to meet the unique needs of each customer. No two healthcare organizations are identical, so we’re committed to providing the most valuable services to each client, based on their individual needs.


Innovation and technology are vital for DoctorMGT in adapting to the continually changing necessities of billing and coding. We invest in the latest medical billing technologies and employ healthcare IT industry professionals to provide matchless medical billing services and practice management solutions.


DoctorMGT Management promotes a culture of creativity and curiosity within our team. The past has never been surpassed by accepting things as they were; thus, we are dedicated to being innovative and resourceful.

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Is Your Medical Practice Experiencing A Slow-Pitch Revenue Cycle or Low Profits?

Having worked in a small private group ophthalmology practice for 9 years before joining a larger multispecialty group practice, I had become accustomed to handling all the medical billing myself. I can say that DoctorMGT is one of the best medical billing services California. I appreciate how they are very professional in their communication and reporting as they update me from time to time about the financial health of my healthcare facility.

Dr. Jason Jenkins

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