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DoctorMGT virtual personal assistants are at your service to be your superheroes. We are a team of professionally trained virtual medical assistants who are capable of performing all the billing services ranging from insurance verification and coding to submission and follow-up of claims.

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Hire A Virtual Medical Assistant For A Thriving Practice

DoctorMGT is a reputable medical billing firm that provides efficient and reliable virtual medical assistant services for medical billing to enhance your practice productivity and efficiency in delivering quality patient care. Our virtual assistants are dedicated to delivering expert-grade services. Our healthcare virtual assistants have undergone extensive training in medical systems and software, ensuring they are well-equipped to succeed in your organization.


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Get Expert Billing Help at a Fraction of the Cost

Experience, our virtual assistant specializes in medical billing and can assist you in managing the invoices for your healthcare practice. Seamlessly fitting into your daily work routine, we efficiently handle routine tasks including insurance verification, query resolution, hospital billing software updates, and patient payment plan preparation, among others.

Your practice can only flourish if you’re adequately remunerated for your efforts. To savor the benefits of your commitment to patient care, you require skilled medical billers. The financial burden of employing a live medical biller on-site is unfortunate for medical practices.

To overcome this expense, they are now targeting on the employment of professional virtual health assistants because the costs are relatively lower compared to other ways. Employing the services of DoctorMGT’s healthcare virtual assistant is about 33% lower than the cost of an onsite assistant, but it does not lack competency, professionalism, and reliability.

Set Your Practice on Autopilot

Think of smart virtual medical assistants as your own personal billing and administrative powerhouse, working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep your practice running smoothly. Evenings are no longer dedicated to insurance claim handling and denial resolution. Our virtual office services handle those time-consuming tasks. Highly trained experts in our virtual office assistant team ensure you get paid accurately and on time for the services you provide.

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Take Back Your Nights

Tired of Late Nights Spent Battling Insurance Claims?

DoctorMGT’s Virtual Assistant Services are your lifesavers. Get back to focusing on your patients while our experts handle the billing burden.

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Slash Your Admin Workload with Medical Virtual Assistance Experts

Front Desk Customer Support

A front desk is sometimes the first thing that a visitor or customer encounters and can have a significant influence on their perceptions. VAs can add a lot of value to your front desk team, which is essentially the first point of contact for the customer. They are particularly resourceful in handling multiple tasks for instance attending to phone calls, responding to emails, and making appointments. This leads to faster delivery of services to the customers hence reducing customer waiting time.

Your True Admin Manager

To enhance productivity and ensure that patient’s health is enhanced virtual medical assistants are the systems that are modern and most accurate true administrative managers in medical practice. Besides, they assist in sorting the physicians’ incoming emails as well as flagging matters that need immediate attention while responding to routine questions. It means that physicians devote more time to patient care since non-clinical work is managed by other professionals, thus eradicating interruptions that delay critical and intricate decision-making.

Customer Centric Mindset

In the current global health system, the client-centered model is gradually taking the foreground, and smart medical virtual assistants are turning into real-service titans to improve the former. These are not ordinary assistants; they can automatically and individually send appointment reminders, follow-ups, and even a daily health checkup message. These actions not only indicate higher levels of care towards customers but also demonstrate a strong commitment to a patient’s well-being and enhance the interaction between the patient and healthcare provider.

Having worked in a small private group ophthalmology practice for 9 years before joining a larger multispecialty group practice, I had become accustomed to handling all the medical billing myself. I can say that DoctorMGT is one of the best medical billing services California. I appreciate how they are very professional in their communication and reporting as they update me from time to time about the financial health of my healthcare facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Absolutely. DoctorMGT ensures all virtual assistants are HIPAA compliant and trained on data security protocols.

DoctorMGT’s medical virtual assistance offers seamless integration with the most popular practice management systems, ensuring a smooth workflow.

No, DoctorMGT offers flexible service plans with no long-term contracts. You can choose a plan that best fits your practice’s needs.

Yes, DoctorMGT allows you to customize the service package to fit your specific needs and practice workflow.