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Having worked in a small private group ophthalmology practice for 9 years before joining a larger multispecialty group practice, I had become accustomed to handling all the medical billing myself. I can say that DoctorMGT is one of the best medical billing services California. I appreciate how they are very professional in their communication and reporting as they update me from time to time about the financial health of my healthcare facility.

Dr. Jason Jenkins

Before DoctorMGT’s appointment scheduling system, our practice workflow was hampered by an outdated system that lacked efficiency and failed to optimize patient satisfaction. DoctorMGT’s solution has addressed these concerns seamlessly. The intuitive design empowers patients to manage their book doctor appointment online independently, while the system integrates flawlessly with our existing electronic health record system. This comprehensive approach has fostered a more efficient practice environment and demonstrably enhanced the patient experience.”

Dr. Emma Joe MD